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Minutes of Regular Meeting – 18 April 2009


  1. DATE: 18 Apr. 2009
  2. PLACE: Ryan’s Grill Buffet & Bakery, 3000 S Ferdon Blvd (US 85), Crestview, Fla.
  3. ATTENDANCE: Twenty-one persons attended, of which 15 were association members, and 6 were spouses and guests.

a. General: Meeting convened at 0930, and everyone was welcomed into fellowship.

b. Announcements:

  • (1) Killed in Action:
    • TSgt Phillip A. Myers, 3 Apr. 2009, southern Afghanistan.
  • (2) Final Shots:
    • CharlesM. Stroppel, InactiveMember, 20 Dec. 2001, cause unknown.
    • Kenneth E. Costlow, non-member, 7 Feb. 2009, lung cancer.
    • Rosemary Perkins, spouse of Ray Perkins, C-220, 20 Jan. 2009, cause unknown.
    • Raymond R. Bramini, RDE-257, 26 Jul. 2002, cause unknown.
    • Riley J. Bates, CDE-144, 26 Dec. 2008, lung cancer.
    • Charles R. Jackson, LRDE-061, 83, 26 Oct. 2007, cause unknown.
    • Eric D. Martin, CDE-247, 10 Apr.2009, complications following an aneurysm.

Following the reading of the above Jack McMasters offered a prayer of support for all.

  • General:
    • If you’re planning on attending this year’s 3rd Creek EOD Gathering rooms at the Malad Motel are running out quickly.

c. Old Business:
(1) Minutes of the 17 Jan. 2009 Regular Meeting. Minutes were read and discussed. A motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve the minutes as read. (CLOSED)
(2) Treasurer’s Report: (as of 31 Mar. 2008): The following treasurer’s report was presented and read into the record: (CLOSED)


Beginning Bal (a/o 1 Jan. 2009) $4,261.37
Deposits +$27,419.00
Sub-Total $31,680.37
Expenses -$21,329.09
Sub-Total $10,351.28
Checking Bal (a/o 31 Mar. 2009) $10,351.28

Check Account Cash Balance

Total Income: (2009) $ 118,167.86
Total Expenses (2009) -$117,334.18
Cash Bal: 30 Sep. 2009 $833.68
Investments/Assets Summary (a/o 31 Mar. 2009):
1.Compass Bank BEF MMF: $13,851.05
Deposits $1,705.00
Interest Payment $10.21
Compass Bank BEF MMF Total $15,530.26
Withdrawal; deposit to BEF CD $10,400.00
Sub-Total $5,130.26
Bank Statement Bal: $5,130.26
Compass Bank BEF CD $36,291.30
Compass Bank BEF Total $41,421.56
2. Compass Bank General Savings MMF:
Rainy Day Fund $7,449.20 – $2,800.00* = $4,649.20
BOC Fund $7,909.00
H&H Raffle Fund $1,348.50
Adv. Paid Dues Fund $10,532.00 – $1,000.00** = $9,532.00
Reunion Fund $4,272.97
MBI Patch Sales $1,180.00
MBI Coin Sales $170.00
Interest to Date $759.95
Compass Bank G/S MMF Total $29,821.62
Bank Statement Bal: $29,821.62
3. Vanguard Fund Investments:
MBI Bond Fund Balance $40,019.25
LTM Dues $51,543.67
Balance Remaining $11,524.42
MBI Bond Fund Balance $40,019.25
MBI Heroes Fund $21,854.49
Vanguard Acct Total $61,873.74
Investments Total $133,116.92
4. MBI Property Assets:
Niceville Property $60,000.00
5. MBI Property Assets:
MBI Checking Balance $10,351.28
MBI Net Worth (a/o 31 Mar. 2009) $203,468.20

* Withdrawn for support of repaying General Fund (GF) for RDF expenses paid from the GF during 2008.
** Withdraw 2009 dues from GS MMF Advance Paid dues for deposit in 2009 General Fund.

Following the reading of the treasurer’s report a motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the report as presented. (CLOSED)

(3) Membership Status Report: (as of 31 Mar. 2008).
(a) Active Membership Totals: Lifetime: 283; Associate: 24; Charter: 114; Regular: 283; Surviving Spouse: 116; Corporate: 5; for a total of 825 members. (CLOSED)

(4) Committee Reports:
(a) Outreach Committee: During the period 1 Jan. – 31 Mar. 2009, the association expended $380.00, for charitable donations in memory of fallen members, and numerous flower and plant arrangements, and cards that were sent as support to members and member spouses who found themselves in distress during this period. (CLOSED)

(b) 2008 Reunion Report: Jack McMasters reported the dates for this year’s reunion are 6, 7, and 8 Nov. Room rates will not change. An increase of $1.00 will be charged for Friday and Saturday night events. He said he will be having a meeting with Ramada management soon. Activities will be the same in the Oasis Room. Friday night will feature a buffet with the vendors setting up in the buffet area when dinner is served. Roger Hollen and Henry Griffitts will be charge of raffle tickets and the silent auction. Please be sure to get your items to them early. (CONTINUING)

(c) Association Building Committee Report: Jack McMasters reported the association officers would be meeting with the selected construction contractor following the general meeting. Further, a fund raising letter is being prepared and will be sent out to the entire membership asking that everyone get involved. Financing has been arranged for funds that are outside the BEF fund balance, and a progam is under development to repay the association’s benefactors. (OPEN)

d. New Business:
(1) No new business was conducted.

e. Open Discussions:
(1) EOD Memorial & Scholarship Foundation Briefing: Mr. Jim O’Neil, Foundation Director, briefed on the EOD Memorial and Scholarship Foundation. He related there has been a change of leadership and an expanded board of directors to work compliance oriented matters. $100,000 will be awarded in scholarships this year. Activities for the EOD Memorial Ball are planned for an auction to be held on 1 May, followed by the formal ball on 2 May. Six names will be placed on the memorial wall this year.

f. “Half & Half” Raffle. Raffle total came to $74.00, with $37.00 being won by Roger Hollen who graciously donated $36.00 of his winnings to the MBI BEF.

g. Adjournment Activities:
(1) Location/Time of Next Meeting: The next meeting was scheduled for 18 Jul. 2009 at 0900, at Ryan’s Grill Buffet & Bakery, 3000 S Ferdon Blvd (US 85), Crestview, Fla.
(2) Motion to Adjourn: A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 1100.

Respectfully submitted by,

Marshall B. Dutton
Minutes read and approved at the 18 Jul. 2009 association regular meeting.

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