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Minutes of Regular Meeting – 11 May 2013


  1. DATE: 11 May 2013
  3. ATTENDANCE: Members attending 14 and 9 guests. Total = 23

a. General: Meeting convened at 0900 and everyone was welcomed into fellowship. Invocation and pledge to the Flag lead by Jack McMasters.
b. Announcements:

  • Final Shots:
    • Don Lacey, LR-460. 23 January 2013. The MBI received over $500 for to the Dan Bull Wounded Warriors Fund in Don’s name.
    • Richard L. Carlsen, LR-043, Lt Col Ret. passed away 28 January 2013. Rich lived in Ephrata, WA and is survived by his wife Newata.
    • Dorthy McCullars, Her husband was Ralph McCullars and he was a charter member.
    • William D. Dungan, R-313, died 8 March 2013. His home was in Tucson, AZ. His wife’s name is Frances. 5. Sun Cole, wife of George Cole of Cocoa Beach, FL passed away 31 March 2013.
    • John S. “Jack” Levisky II of York, PA died 3 November 2012. Jack was born 23 February 1938. He leaves his wife Essie.
    • Mark Wynn, LR-324. Born 13 November 1953, died 19 April 2013. His wife is Sue Rustic of Choctaw Beach, FL. 8. James Manix, LR-021 born 22 June 1926, died 6 May 2013. His wife Evelyn lives in Valparasio.
  • Association Members/Spouses/ AF EOD non-Members in Distress:
    • George Anderlohr of Redman, OR is suffering from lung cancer.
    • Jim Calhoun of Boulder City, NV had his hip replaced in January.
    • Al Stewart of Myrtle Bch., SC was having trouble following surgery in February.
    • Pat Lingle of Ft. Mill, SC is recovering from surgery.
    • Chuck McClenahan was hospitalized in Feb. with an aneurism in his spine.
    • Pete Hayden of Tacoma, WA had hip replacement surgery in February.
    • Jim Powlas of Myrtle Bch., SC is in hospital for double vision the first week of May.

c. Old Business:
(1) Minutes of the 19 Jan. 2013 EOD MasterBlasters Regular Meeting: The Jan. 2013 minutes where accepted as read. (CLOSED)

(2) Treasurer’s Report (as of 31 December 2012): No changes where made. (CLOSED)

(3) Membership Status Report as of 8 May 2013. Membership Totals: Charter = 68, Regular = 403, Lifetime = 350, Surviving Spouse = 132, Associate = 10 and Corporate = 3. Total = 966 members. (CLOSED)

(4) The 4th and last reading of the revised By-Laws of the EOD MasterBlasters, Inc. was offered. After a short discussion a motion to accept as read was offered and it was seconded. The changes to the by-laws as presented will be made. (CLOSED)

d. New Business:
(1) Should the MBI web site (www.eodmbi.com) be closed and use Facebook only? After several ideas where discussed it was decided this item would be tabled and researched for future disposition. (OPEN)

(2) A HQ yard sale is scheduled for next Saturday, 18 May starting at 0600. (CLOSED)

(3) Treasurer’s Report (as of 31 March 2013): Jack McMasters read the report. No discussion followed the reading. (CLOSED)

e. Open Discussions:

f. “Half & Half” Raffle. The total came to $70 of which ½ was won by Irv DuVall. Irv donated his winnings to the MBI.

g. Adjournment Activities:
(1) Location/Time of Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for 20 July 2013, at 0900, HQ EODMBI, Niceville, FL.

(2) Motion to Adjourn: A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting. Time 0940.

Respectfully submitted:
Gary Johnson

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