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Minutes of Regular Meeting – 19 January 2013


  1. DATE: 19 January 2013
  3. ATTENDANCE: Persons attended 20 of which were 15 association members, and 5 guests.

a. General: Meeting convened at 0900 and everyone was welcomed into fellowship. Invocation and pledge to the Flag lead by Jack McMasters.
b. Announcements:

  • Final Shots:
    • Pam Filler, wife of Walter “Jack” Filler died of pancreatic cancer 16 Nov. 2012 in Odessa, Texas.
    • James Rainys died 31 Oct. 2012 in Ormand Beach, FL. He was 72 years old and had suffered with complications of diabetes.
    • Kenneth H. Niblick, R-1040, died Oct. 2012.
    • John P. Johnson, C-132. Born April 1935. Died 9 Dec. 2012 from cancer.
  • Association Members/Spouses/ AF EOD non-Members in Distress:
    • Gale Goodale has throat cancer. She is the wife of Jerry Goodale. 29 Oct. 2012.
    • Bill Kupper had surgery for cancer 11 Jan. 2013.
    • Don Lacey has a respiratory infection.

c. Old Business:
(1) Minutes of the 27 October 2012 EOD MasterBlasters Regular Meeting: Minutes were read and discussed. A motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve the minutes as read. No change was made to the minutes. Next meeting is scheduled for 19 Jan. 2013. (CLOSED)

(2) Treasurer’s Report (as of 30 September 2012): CHANGES? YES OR NO. The treasurer’s report was presented and read into the record. Following the reading of the treasurer’s report a motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the report as presented. (CLOSED)

(3) Membership Status Report as of 18 January 2013. Membership Totals: Lifetime = 322, Charter = 71, Regular = 404, Associate = 13, Surviving Spouse = 128 and Corporate = 3. Total = 941 members.

(4) Earlier this month the member records were reviewed and all who were 2-years behind on their dues were removed from the database. Letters have been sent to 130 dropped members.

(5) The second reading of the revised By-Laws of the EOD MasterBlasters, Inc. will be at this time. Mistakes were pointed out by the membership. These corrections will be made before the next reading in April 2013.

d. New Business:
(1) RG Kuhn read the names of suggested officers for 2013. He then asked for any other names from the floor. None were offered and a vote was taken. Irv DuVall was handed the gavel and is the president. Rob Brooking is the vice president. Jack McMasters is the treasurer and Gary Johnson is the secretary.

(2) Treasurer’s Report (as of 31 December 2012): Submitted by Jack McMasters, Treasurer. A motion was made to accept the report and it was seconded. The report was accepted by unanimous consent by the membership.

(3) We plan to have another yard sale in April. Proceeds pay for Hq insurance and utilities

e. Open Discussions: The members thanked Glenda McMasters for her work on the MBI accounting. Also outgoing president Roger Wills was thanked for his contributions to the association as president for the past 3-years.

f. “Half & Half” Raffle. The total came to $70 of which ½ was won by Lee Bobbit who donated his share to the MBI.

g. Adjournment Activities:
(1) Location/Time of Next Meeting: The next meeting was scheduled for 20 April 2013, at 0900, HQ EODMBI, Niceville, FL.

(2) Motion to Adjourn: A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting. Time 9:50.

Respectfully submitted:
Gary Johnson

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